CyberSco.Py an open-source software for event-based, conditional microscopy

Nom de la revue
Scientific Reports
Lionel Chiron, Matthias Le Bec, Céline Cordier, Sylvain Pouzet, Dimitrije Milunov, Alvaro Banderas, Jean-Marc Di Meglio, Benoit Sorre, Pascal Hersen

AbstractTimelapse fluorescence microscopy imaging is routinely used in quantitative cell biology. However, microscopes could become much more powerful investigation systems if they were endowed with simple unsupervised decision-making algorithms to transform them into fully responsive and automated measurement devices. Here, we report CyberSco.Py, Python software for advanced automated timelapse experiments. We provide proof-of-principle of a user-friendly framework that increases the tunability and flexibility when setting up and running fluorescence timelapse microscopy experiments. Importantly, CyberSco.Py combines real-time image analysis with automation capability, which allows users to create conditional, event-based experiments in which the imaging acquisition parameters and the status of various devices can be changed automatically based on the image analysis. We exemplify the relevance of CyberSco.Py to cell biology using several use case experiments with budding yeast. We anticipate that CyberSco.Py could be used to address the growing need for smart microscopy systems to implement more informative quantitative cell biology experiments.