Digital phenotyping in young breast cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy (the NeoFit Trial): protocol for a national, multicenter single-arm trial

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BMC Cancer
Lidia Delrieu, Anne-Sophie Hamy, Florence Coussy, Amyn Kassara, Bernard Asselain, Juliana Antero, Paul De Villèle, Elise Dumas, Nicolas Forstmann, Julien Guérin, Judicael Hotton, Christelle Jouannaud, Maud Milder, Armand Leopold, Adrien Sedeaud, Pauline Soibinet, Jean-François Toussaint, Vincent Vercamer, Enora Laas, Fabien Reyal

Breast cancer (BC) has particular characteristics in young women, with diagnosis at more advanced stages, a poorer prognosis and highly aggressive tumors. In NeoFit, we will use an activity tracker to identify and describe various digital profiles (heart rate, physical activity, and sleep patterns) in women below the age of 45 years on neoadjuvant chemotherapy for BC.

NeoFit is a prospective, national, multicenter, single-arm open-label study. It will include 300 women below the age of 45 years treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy for BC. Participants will be asked to wear a Withing Steel HR activity tracker round the clock for 12 months. The principal assessments will be performed at baseline, at the end of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and at 12 months. We will evaluate clinical parameters, such as toxicity and the efficacy of chemotherapy, together with quality of life, fatigue, and parameters relating to lifestyle and physical activity. The women will complete REDCap form questionnaires via a secure internet link.

In this study, the use of an activity tracker will enable us to visualize changes in the lifestyle of young women on neoadjuvant chemotherapy for BC, over the course of a one-year period. This exploratory study will provide crucial insight into the digital phenotypes of young BC patients on neoadjuvant chemotherapy and the relationship between these phenotypes and the toxicity and efficacy of treatment. This trial will pave the way for interventional studies involving sleep and physical activity interventions.

Trial registration identifier: NCT05011721. Registration date: 18/08/2021.