Extracellular vesicles from adipose stromal cells combined with a thermoresponsive hydrogel prevent esophageal stricture after extensive endoscopic submucosal dissection in a porcine model

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Elise Coffin, Alice Grangier, Guillaume Perrod, Max Piffoux, Iris Marangon, Imane Boucenna, Arthur Berger, Leila M'Harzi, Jessica Assouline, Thierry Lecomte, Anna Chipont, Coralie Guérin, Florence Gazeau, Claire Wilhelm, Christophe Cellier, Olivier Clément, Amanda Karine Andriola Silva, Gabriel Rahmi

We show herein that a combination of a biomaterial and extracellular vesicles (produced at a high yield by a turbulence stimulation from stromal cells) was effective in the prevention of esophageal stricture in a clinically relevant porcine model.