A multiscale signalling network map of innate immune response in cancer reveals cell heterogeneity signatures

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Nature Communications
Maria Kondratova, Urszula Czerwinska, Nicolas Sompairac, Sebastian D. Amigorena, Vassili Soumelis, Emmanuel Barillot, Andrei Zinovyev, Inna Kuperstein

AbstractThe lack of integrated resources depicting the complexity of the innate immune response in cancer represents a bottleneck for high-throughput data interpretation. To address this challenge, we perform a systematic manual literature mining of molecular mechanisms governing the innate immune response in cancer and represent it as a signalling network map. The cell-type specific signalling maps of macrophages, dendritic cells, myeloid-derived suppressor cells and natural killers are constructed and integrated into a comprehensive meta map of the innate immune response in cancer. The meta-map contains 1466 chemical species as nodes connected by 1084 biochemical reactions, and it is supported by information from 820 articles. The resource helps to interpret single cell RNA-Seq data from macrophages and natural killer cells in metastatic melanoma that reveal different anti- or pro-tumor sub-populations within each cell type. Here, we report a new open source analytic platform that supports data visualisation and interpretation of tumour microenvironment activity in cancer.