Training Mass Spectrometry

The LSMP Facility aims at providing to its users three types of expertise: 1-personalized training to realize a part of analyses; 2-advanced training about all aspects of Proteomics (from helping in defining questions and experimental design, to sample preparation, through MS analysis, to MS processing and analysis); 3-development of MS processing and analysis tools.

The LSMP develops in-house solutions, in collaboration with the Bioinformatics platform (U900), to provide the community with bioinformatical tools for management, mining, curation or mass spectrometry-based (MS) data sharing. The web server myProMS was designed to handle projects and curate databank-search results from multiple MS runs while optimizing data sharing between users with complementary competences. It is improved continuously so as to be up-to-date with the quality standards. myProMS is a freely distributed tool, GPL license, already implemented in 4 institutes (ESPCI, Institut Cochin, IGF de Montpellier and IC).