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ASCB : 6 presentations from Curie’s collaborators


Researchers from everywhere are gathered in San Diego from December 8th to 12th, for the world-renowned cell biology meeting organized by the American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB), where Institut Curie’s collaborators will have over 30 poster or oral presentations.

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The ASCB annual meeting is an important event for cell biology researchers. This year, Institut Curie’s Research Center is particularly well represented, with 6 oral presentations and more than 20 posters.

On this page, you will find more information on our oral presentations. After each presentation, we will update the page with articles and videos, designed for a non-scientific audience: they will help you understand very specific basic discoveries, that are key to finding new treatments against cancer in the future.

Patricia Bassereau, Membrane and cellular functions team leader, CNRS Research Officer - Stretching cells with Patricia Bassereau

Patricia Bassereau has been invited to take to the stage at the ASCB meeting. She presented her team’s latest findings in cellular membrane physics alongside cell biologist Evelyne Coudrier. Find out more

Véronique Marthiens, Centrosomes and cilia team, "The mitotic spindle reveals unsuspected variations with serious consequences"

A key component of cell division, the mitotic spindle and its morphological variations may lie at the heart of nervous system dysfunctions, Véronique Marthiens discovered. Find out more

Denis Krndija, Postdoctoral Researcher, Cell Migration and Invasion Team, "In the small intestine, young cells ‘compete’ to dislodge old cells"

For an organism to function properly, cells must renew at a finely-tuned rate: neither too slow, nor too fast. Danijela Vignjevic’s team shed light on one of these mechanisms in the small intestine. Find out more

Carsten Janke, Regulation of microtubule dynamics and functions team leader, CNRS Research Officer, "When glutamate accumulates, messenger cell transport is affected"

Carsten Janke, CNRS research director at Institut Curie, presented at the ASCB/EMBO meeting his latest findings on microtubules, transport networks within our cells. Find out more

Hélène Moreau, post-doctoral researcer, équipe Régulation spatio-temporelle de la présentation antigénique, "Focus on the sentinel cells of the immune system"

To move around and explore their environment, dendritic cells use an unique process: macropinocytosis. In early December, Hélène Moreau, a researcher at Institut Curie, presetend her results at the ASCB/EMBO meeting. Find out more

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