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Cervical cancer: NiCOL, the new therapeutic trial


With over 1,000 deaths per year, despite its low occurrence, cervical cancer continues to be associated with a high mortality rate. Institut Curie is launching NiCOL, a new clinical trial for patients suffering from an advanced form of cervical cancer.

Cancer du col de l’utérus, NiCOL

The NiCOL trial aims to assess the optimum dose of monoclonal antibodies - Nivolumab - to be administered during the pelvic chemo-radiotherapy phase, then in treatment alone. Physician-researchers will assess the tolerance and clinical effectiveness of this new therapeutic combination, as well as the immunological and genetic mechanisms that may be associated with the clinical results. This is a trial promoted by Curie, coordinated by Dr Emanuela Romano, and designed with Dr Rodrigues. It is supported by BMS, inventor of Nivolumab. A great example of collaboration between physicians and researchers, made possible by Institut Curie’s GECI certification from BMS, announced in 2016. The first results should be available by 2020.

3,000 new cases per year, 1,100 deaths in 2012... Although it is becoming less frequent thanks to PAP smear testing, cervical cancer continues to claim too many lives. Research in the field is rare however, which is why Institut Curie is investing in the fight against this gynecological cancer.

Photo : Uriel Chantraine / Institut Curie