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2019 Annual Report: Another Step Towards the Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Future

2019 was the year Institut Curie saw its major projects get underway. With the implementation of a new science strategy and the evolution of its hospital services, Institut Curie was able to stay true to its commitment to research, care, and training and deepen its focus on patient-first care.
Rapport annuel 2019

2019 was also a major achievement for the future of the Institute, particularly with regards to progress on the ambitious MC21 investment program. This program, which is rolling out at all three of the Institute’s locations (Paris, Saint-Cloud, and Orsay), will enable Institut Curie to foreground collaboration between researchers and doctors as it invents the Comprehensive Cancer Center of the future.

This ambitious plan is strengthened by the appointment of Prof. Alain Puisieux as director of the Research Center. His arrival marks a new, forward-looking chapter in the Institut Curie’s science strategy. The plan for his term of office, which runs until 2024, is to take up the scientific, technological, and medical challenges that face researchers and health professionals in the years ahead.

As society evolves, The Hospital Group evolves with it. We are witnessing permanent improvements in care pathways, thanks to evolutions in surgical and ENT procedures, the implementation of telehealth services, and medical breakthroughs resulting from the collaboration of different research teams.

Institut Curie is committed to helping as many people as possible, and as such has taken on patients from all backgrounds while also deepening its collaborations with major research centers and hospitals abroad.

It is thanks to the generosity of Institut Curie’s donors and benefactors that these projects are coming to fruition.


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