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Institut Curie attending the meeting of the AACR in Atlanta


Between March 29 and April 3, Atlanta will host the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, one of the biggest events in oncology research. With 2 posters, 3 presentations and some fifty physicians and physician-researchers in attendance, Institut Curie will be well represented.

Marie Dutreix
Sofia Ferreira
Kevyan Rezai
Samar Alsafadi
Marc-Henri Stern

Each year the AACR meeting is an opportunity to take stock of the latest discoveries in oncology, from basic research to clinical research. Experts from around the world will meet to share the results of their work and to forge new collaborations. This is a major meeting for Institut Curie and a unique opportunity to showcase its know-how.

Among the presentations proposed by physician-researchers from Institut Curie, there will be a review of two crucial topics: treatment of breast and ovarian cancer and pediatric cancers.

Schedule of presentations:

  • Saturday March 30, 10:45am local time - Breast and ovarian cancer: healthy cells prevent the action of certain medications - Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou, researcher and head of the Stress and Cancer team at Institut Curie (Inserm U830 unit, a team certified by the French Ligue nationale contre le cancer). There she will present the findings of two major publications on breast and ovarian cancer, and in particular the role of fibroblasts.
  • Saturday March 30, 4:15pm local time - Pediatric cancers: working towards precision medicine. Dr. Gudrun Schleiermacher, pediatrician and researcher, will share her knowledge of the genomics of childhood cancers and the therapeutic options that it offers with oncologists from all over the world.
  • Sunday, March 31, 4:35pm local time PDX models of ER+ endocrine resistant metastatic breast cancer identify Polo like kinase 1 (PLK1) as a therapeutic target. Presentation by Dr Elisabetta Marangoni.
  • Monday April 1, 1:35pm local time - Breast cancer: a simple blood test to improve therapeutic choices – Prof. François-Clément Bidard, medical oncologist, will present the national clinical trials initiated by Institut Curie on circulating biomarkers to improve the choice of treatments for women suffering from certain metastatic breast cancers, which are particularly difficult to treat.

See the complete schedule of presentations