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Childhood cancer: hope for rhabdoid tumors

Céline Giustranti
At a symposium in New York on June 15 and 16, 2017, the pediatrician Franck Bourdeaut proved the effectiveness of immunotherapy on a patient with a rhabdoid tumor.
Pédiatrie Oncologie Institut Curie

Immunotherapy is currently revolutionizing the treatment of patients with cancer. Although data on adults are positive, in children they are less so. However hope is emerging, in particular in the shape of the iMATRIX study, launched and supported by the ROCHE group, for which Dr. Franck Bourdeaut is one of the investigators. 85 children suffering from solid tumors, in relapse or resistant, are taking part in this study, the aim of which is to assess the effectiveness of the immunotherapy agent, Atezolizumab. During the meeting, on June 15 and 16, Franck Bourdeaut presented the case of a four-year-old child with a rhabdoid tumor (a very aggressive tumor) which, after several cycles of traditional treatment, showed signs of progress of the disease. This patient’s clinical condition improved three weeks after the first treatment with Atezolizumab. There was visible reduction of the tumor, accompanied by a decreased use of pain medication. The child was even able to return to school.

In short, the work of the pediatrician Franck Bourdeaut and his team shows the potential of this immunotherapy agent with encouraging effects observed in a child with a rhabdoid tumor.

Collaboration with the ROCHE group continues with the launch of the trial specifically for children with rhabdoid tumors. Furthermore, Franck Bourdeaut and his team are actively pursuing research to better understand how immunotherapy works in treating rhabdoid tumors and thus improve treatment of children.

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