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Circulating cancer biomarkers

The laboratory aims at investigating the clinical relevance of tumor biomarkers that are related to the tumor dissemination and metastatic process.

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Figure sur le profil d'essai présenté par FC Bidard au SABCS 2022
San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
- 12 December 2022
Treatment decision guided by CTC count may improve long-term outcomes for mBC

Pr. François-Clément Bidard presented the data from the the STIC CTC trial, at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, held December 6-10, 2022. 

The STIC CTC trial is the first to establish the clinical utility of the CTC count as a biomarker in breast cancer care, indicating that a single assessment of the CTC count before the start of treatment can guide the treatment decision between chemotherapy and single agent endocrine therapy in ER-positive/HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer. This study demonstrates that integrating prognostic biomarkers into the treatment algorithm can improve the management and outcomes of metastatic breast cancer patients.

Figure 1. Prélèvement de sang (A) et déroulement de l'étude (B)
New study in Annals of Surgery
- 27 February 2023
Circulating Tumor DNA as a Prognostic Factor in Patients With Resectable Hepatic Metastases of Uveal Melanoma

This is a joint study between Curie hospital (Dr Pascale Mariani et al.) and Curie research center (Dr Marc-Henri Stern and our group), recently published in Annals of Surgery.

This study is the first to report ctDNA detection rate and prognostic impact in uveal melanoma patients eligible for surgical resection of their liver metastases.

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