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Congratulations to the 67 PhDs graduating in 2022!


In 2022, 67 PhDs graduated as a result of their work at the Institut Curie Research Center. To mark the occasion, a thesis certificate ceremony was held in December to congratulate them.

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Families, friends, and colleagues gathered to congratulate the 67 PhDs of the Class of 2022, "Marguerite Perey", during a warm evening. Prof. Djillali Annane, member of the board of directors, and Prof. Alain Puisieux, Director of the Research Center, opened the ceremony with inspiring speeches. Then, two alumni researchers spoke about their experience, Dr. Manuel Rodrigues, medical oncologist and researcher at the Institut Curie who also did his thesis there, and Guillaume Van Niel, research director at the CNRS and head of the "Endosomal Dynamics in Neuropathies" team at the Institut de Psychiatrie et Neurosciences de Paris. Camilla Maiani, in charge of mediation at the Curie Museum, highlighted the career of Marguerite Perey, whose name the new class bears.

To close the ceremony, the 44 PhDs present received their certificates from the hands of the Directors of Advanced Education, Graça Raposo, PhD and Prof. François Doz.

A big congratulations to them!