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Spécialités / domaines
Cell biology,
Molecular biology,
Translational research

Céline Chauvin is an experienced research engineer in the Translational Research in Pediatric Oncology team.

After a PhD in fundamental research at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, she did a post-doc at Necker Hospital to study the implication of the mTOR pathway in the nutrient response. Then, she joined Curie Institute where she is now implicated in the identification of new therapeutic targets for rhabdoid tumors of the very young children. She is particularly interested in understanding the role of epigenetic regulators in rhabdoid tumors.

She is highly specialised in many domains like cell culture, gene expression and silencing (siRNA, CRISPR-Cas9 technologies), epigenetic (DNA methylation, histone modifications), drug treatment in vitro and in vivo, high-throughput screens, RNAseq analyses...

Embryonic signature distinguishes pediatric and adult rhabdoid tumors from other SMARCB1-deficient cancers
Wilfrid Richer, Julien Masliah-Planchon, Nathalie Clement, Irene Jimenez, Laetitia Maillot, David Gentien, Benoît Albaud, Walid Chemlali, Christine Galant, Frederique Larousserie, Pascaline Boudou-Rouquette, Amaury Leruste, Celine Chauvin, Zhi Yan Han, Jean-Michel Coindre, Pascale Varlet, Paul Freneaux, Dominique Ranchère-Vince, Olivier Delattre, Franck Bourdeaut