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Cellular and Tissue Imaging
Functions within Institut Curie:

Chloé Guedj is a research engineer (IR) at the Cellular and Tissue Imaging Platform (PICT-IBiSA, member of FranceBioImaging) of the Institut Curie. She works under the direction of Vincent Fraisier in the UMR144 unit. Chloé completed her PhD thesis in Immunology in 2014 in the team of Alain Trautmann and Georges Bismuth at the Institut Cochin. Her thesis focused on the study of the immunological synapse in T lymphocytes. She then did a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institut Curie in Angela Taddei's team where she studied the dynamics of DNA repair proteins using super-resolution imaging techniques. After having developed strong microscopy skills during these 6 years in a research laboratory, she then joined the photonics imaging platform of the Institut Jacques Monod as an engineer in 2017. She was recruited at the Institut Curie in 2019 on the photonic microscopy platform of UMR 144.

Within her team, Chloé participates in the management of the microscope park by ensuring its proper functioning but also its optimization. She organizes theoretical and practical training on microscopy methodologies and techniques. She also collaborates with researchers for the implementation and development of new approaches (especially in super-resolution).