Hôpital - Paris
Spécialités / domaines
Functions within Institut Curie:
  • Practitioner

Dr. Franck Bourdeaut studied medicine in Nantes, completed his residency in the Ile de France region and obtained his degree in pediatrics in 2004. He completed his master’s degree and PhD with Dr. Olivier Delattre. From 2006 to 2008 he was chief resident in pediatrics and since 2010 has been a specialist practitioner at Institut Curie. His practice focuses on pediatric neuro-oncology and he is involved in research into genetic predisposition to pediatric cancer.

Dr. Bourdeaut is a member of the SFCE (French Society of Childhood and Adolescent Cancers and Leukemia), the SIOP Brain Tumor Group, and the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP).

He has been accredited to supervise research since 2015 and is now a team leader within the Translational Research in Pediatric Oncology Laboratory (INSERM U830) and the Department of Translational Research, focusing on research into rhabdoid tumors and medulloblastoma.

Dr. Bourdeaut spent a year in Charles Roberts’ laboratory at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston.

He received the Innovation Award in pediatric oncology from the St Baldrick Foundation and SIOP at the SIOP Annual Congress 2017 in Washington for his work on rhabdoid tumors.