Professeur des universités-praticien hospitalier
Hôpital - Paris, Saint-Cloud
Spécialités / domaines
Oncologie médicale,
Translational research
Functions within Institut Curie:

François-Clément Bidard, MD PhD, is Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medical Oncology at Institut Curie & UVSQ/Université Paris-Saclay. He is also the co-coordinator of breast cancer research at Institut Curie, the #1 center for breast cancer in France.

His clinical work primarily focuses on breast cancers.

His research aims at characterizing the cellular mechanisms involved in the metastatic process, with a focus on blood biomarkers (circulating tumor cells, circulating tumor DNA etc.).

He teaches medical students at the Simone Veil Faculty of Science (UVSQ/Université Paris-Saclay), as well as residents in the Department of Medical Oncology (Institut Curie); he is coordinating the "Breast Diseases" postgraduate training at UVSQ/Université Paris-Saclay.