Tenured Research Scientist CNRS
Recherche - Orsay
Spécialités / domaines

Kévin obtained a Ph. D. thesis in organic chemistry in 2018 from Normandie université in Rouen (France) under the co-direction of Dr. Cyrille Sabot and Prof. Pierre-Yves Renard in COBRA laboratory. This thesis is entitled “Development of chemoselectives ligations “click”- application to the synthesis of fluorogenic probes”.

From 2019 to 2021, he obtained a post-doctoral position at ICMUB laboratory at the Burgundy university, Dijon (France), under the supervision of Prof. Anthony Romieu. He worked on the development of new fluorogenic probes based on covalent assembly principle for enzymes detection. 

from 2021 to 2023, he obtained a post-doctoral position in the laboratory of Chimie Bio-Organique (CBO) under the supervision of Prof. Stéphane Vincent at the University of Namur. This research project concerned the development of methodology to optimized radiotracers synthesis.

Since November 2023, he joined CMBC teams leads by Dr. Florence Mahuteau-betzer at Institut Curie as Chargé de recherche CNRS. He work on the developement of fluorogenic probes compatible with 1 or 2 photon absorption for appilcation in Fluorescence guided surgery in context of cancer.