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I was trained as an immunologist, and I am particularly interested in understanding interactions between immune cells. I obtained my PhD degree in London, studying the role of actin cytoskeleton during B cell activation. I joined the Institut Curie in 2016, first as a post-doctoral fellow and then as a Inserm research scientist. I am working on understading what makes tumor cells visible by the immune system. I am particularly interested in defining how the "silent genome" contributes to this recognition process.

Epigenetically controlled tumor antigens derived from splice junctions between exons and transposable elements
Science Immunology
Marianne Burbage, Ares Rocañín-Arjó, Blandine Baudon, Yago A. Arribas, Antonela Merlotti, Derek C. Rookhuizen, Sandrine Heurtebise-Chrétien, Mengliang Ye, Alexandre Houy, Nina Burgdorf, Guadalupe Suarez, Marine Gros, Benjamin Sadacca, Montserrat Carrascal, Andrea Garmilla, Mylène Bohec, Sylvain Baulande, Bérangère Lombard, Damarys Loew, Joshua J. Waterfall, Marc-Henri Stern, Christel Goudot, Sebastian Amigorena
Noncanonical splicing junctions between exons and transposable elements represent a source of immunogenic recurrent neo-antigens in patients with lung cancer
Science Immunology
Antonela Merlotti, Benjamin Sadacca, Yago A. Arribas, Mercia Ngoma, Marianne Burbage, Christel Goudot, Alexandre Houy, Ares Rocañín-Arjó, Ana Lalanne, Agathe Seguin-Givelet, Marine Lefevre, Sandrine Heurtebise-Chrétien, Blandine Baudon, Giacomo Oliveira, Damarys Loew, Montserrat Carrascal, Catherine J. Wu, Olivier Lantz, Marc-Henri Stern, Nicolas Girard, Joshua J. Waterfall, Sebastian Amigorena
Critical role for TRIM28 and HP1β/γ in the epigenetic control of T cell metabolic reprograming and effector differentiation
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Ulf Gehrmann, Marianne Burbage, Elina Zueva, Christel Goudot, Cyril Esnault, Mengliang Ye, Jean-Marie Carpier, Nina Burgdorf, Thomas Hoyler, Guadalupe Suarez, Leonel Joannas, Sandrine Heurtebise-Chrétien, Sylvère Durand, Rébecca Panes, Angélique Bellemare-Pelletier, Pablo J. Sáez, Fanny Aprahamian, Deborah Lefevre, Veronique Adoue, Amal Zine El Aabidine, Maqbool Muhammad Ahmad, Claire Hivroz, Olivier Joffre, Florence Cammas, Guido Kroemer, Etienne Gagnon, Jean-Christophe Andrau, Sebastian Amigorena