Research Director CNRS
Recherche - Orsay
Spécialités / domaines
Biologie et chimie des radiations, signalisation cellulaire et cancer

Marie Dutreix is a Biologist (Ph.D.), director of research CNRS, team leader in the Institut Curie, and co-founder of the company “DNA Therapeutics”. She is a specialist of genetic instability and biological effects of radiation. She developed new strategies to treat tumours resistant to radiotherapy/chemotherapy and discovered new DNA repair inhibitors (Dbait/AsiDNA). Her work extend from basic research on DNA repair mechanisms to clinical applications of the AsiDNA inhibitors and development of innovative protocols with the high-dose rate “FLASH” irradiation. She is co-coordinator of the Institute iNanoTheRad of the University Paris-Saclay, the GDR MI2B of CNRS, past president of the “Société Française du Cancer” (2012-2017). She received numerous prizes the most recent being, the prize of the Academy of Science (2016). She was awarded “Chevalier de l’ordre National du Mérite” in 2013 and “Chevalier de l’ordre de la légion d’honneur” in 2017. 102 international publications, 12 patents.