Hôpital - Paris, Saint-Cloud
Spécialités / domaines
Functions within Institut Curie:
  • Practitioner
    Chirurgie - ORL

Choussy Olivier is an ENT doctor specializing in face & neck oncology, treating patients suffering from ENT cancers but also cancers of the saliva glands, the thyroid and the sinuses. He has gained experience in treating rare and complex ENT tumors, as part of the French networks REFCOR and TUTHYREF.

Dr. Choussy is involved in several clinical and translational research projects seeking to improve the treatment of these forms of cancer. He is a member of the GETTEC (study group for head and neck tumors) and of the GORTEC (head and neck radiotherapy oncology group) and of the French society for head and neck surgery.

He is responsible for ENT teaching at Institut Curie and as such is a member of the College of French ENT and head & neck surgery teachers.