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Recherche - Paris
Spécialités / domaines
Cell biology,
Physics of living systems,
Multi-scale physics-chemistry-biology and cancer (molecules, cells, tissues and organisms)
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Patricia Bassereau is CNRS Directrice de Recherche at the Institut Curie in Paris where she is the leader of the group "Membranes and cellular functions". She obtained a short PhD and a PhD in Soft Matter at the University of Montpellier where she started her carrier on the structure of self-assembled surfactant-based systems. She spent one year as a visiting scientist at the IBM Almaden Center (San Jose, USA) on thin polymer films. She moved to the Institut Curie in 1993 to work on questions related to "Physics of the cell". She develops a multidisciplinary approach, largely based on synthetic biology and biomimetic systems, as well as quantitative mechanical and microscopy methods to understand the role of biological membranes and of their organization in cellular functions such as intracellular trafficking, endo/exocytosis or adhesion. Additionally, she studies in vitro and in cellulo the mechanics and the generation of cellular protrusions. In parallel, she contributes to a more comprehensive physical description of biomembranes by studying the consequences of non-equilibrium transmembrane transport of ions on membrane mechanics ("active membranes"), the relation between membrane proteins' shape and their diffusion or their lateral distribution on membranes.


Master: Solid State Physics (1983), PhD (1985), PhD (1990) HdR (Habilitation) (1999)


GDPC-Montpellier (1983-1991)

IBM Almaden (USA) (1992)

Physical Chemistry Curie-Paris (1993-Present)

Research themes

Past:Soft Condensed Matter (Surfactants in solution, polymers, membranes) Current: Physics for Biology, Physics of bio-membranes

Current research

Intracellular traffic, non-equilibrium membranes, proteins clustering and dynamics in membranes, cellular protrusions

Physics for understanding life
EPS Grand Challenges
Patricia Bassereau, Angelo Cangelosi, Jitka Čejková, Carlos Gershenson, Raymond Goldstein, Zita Martins, Sarah Matthews, Felix Ritort, Sara Seager, Bart Van Tiggelen, David Vernon, Frances Westall
Cell biology is…
Julie A. Theriot, Anne Simonsen, Iva Tolić, Manuel D. Leonetti, Satyajit Mayor, Patricia Bassereau, Ewa K. Paluch, Jiahuai Han, Markus W. Covert, Noboru Mizushima, Samara Reck-Peterson, Andreas Strasser, Iain Cheeseman
PI4P and BLOC-1 remodel endosomal membranes into tubules
Journal of Cell Biology
Riddhi Atul Jani, Aurélie Di Cicco, Tal Keren-Kaplan, Silvia Vale-Costa, Daniel Hamaoui, Ilse Hurbain, Feng-Ching Tsai, Mathilde Di Marco, Anne-Sophie Macé, Yueyao Zhu, Maria João Amorim, Patricia Bassereau, Juan S. Bonifacino, Agathe Subtil, Michael S. Marks, Daniel Lévy, Graça Raposo, Cédric Delevoye