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Analyse d'image,
Molecular biology
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I am a PhD student of the Levy team at the Physical Chemistry Curie Lab. My project is focused on revealing the structural dynamics of ER-plasma membrane contact site proteins by means of cyro-electron tomography. I previously studied Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at Heidelberg University in Germany for my masters. My master thesis project was focused on the development of an image analysis pipeline for resolving nucleocapsid structures of the Mumps virus at nanometric resolution in situ (Julia Mahamid lab, the Structural and Computational Biology unit, the EMBL in Heidelberg). I completed Cognitive Neuroscience, Molecular Cell Biology, Chemistry, and Medicine tracks at the honours college of Utrecht University: University College Utrecht in the Netherlands for my bachelors. During my previous studies, I also worked on the following projects: modeling gastric cancers and inducing differentiation of neuroendocrine cells in human stomach organoids (bachelor thesis at Hans Clevers lab, Hubrecht Institute), microfluidics-based neuon-astrocyte co-culture generation (internship at Joachim Spatz lab, Max Planck Institute for Medical Research), proteomics-based study of the recruitment of PRC2 complex components in cancer (internship at Jeroen Krijgsveld lab, the German Cancer Research Centre), single-cell transcriptomics-based study of Sertoli cells across species (internship at Henrik Kaessmann lab, co-mentored by Simon Anders, the Centre for Molecular Biology of Heidelberg University), and evaluation of the atomistic tau-RAMD method for residence time estimation (internship at Rebecca Wade lab, the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies).