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Processing of genomic data (Single-Cell, Bulk RNA-seq, CITE-seq, ATAC-seq, Spatial Transcriptomics, TCR-seq ...): quality control, alignment, differential analysis, analysis of trajectories and pathways ... Implementation of new methods to understand the interactions between immune and cancer cells in the tumor microenvironment (definition of signatures specific to each cell type, correlation between our results and available published data, comparison with public databases of transcription, ligand-receptor pairs and gene expression ...) My missions also consist in sharing my knowledge and results with a wider audience (As part of seminars, meeting with other teams, collaborators or people working in different fields, training of biologists on computer languages).

Tissue-resident FOLR2+ macrophages associate with CD8+ T cell infiltration in human breast cancer
Rodrigo Nalio Ramos, Yoann Missolo-Koussou, Yohan Gerber-Ferder, Christian P. Bromley, Mattia Bugatti, Nicolas Gonzalo Núñez, Jimena Tosello Boari, Wilfrid Richer, Laurie Menger, Jordan Denizeau, Christine Sedlik, Pamela Caudana, Fiorella Kotsias, Leticia L. Niborski, Sophie Viel, Mylène Bohec, Sonia Lameiras, Sylvain Baulande, Laëtitia Lesage, André Nicolas, Didier Meseure, Anne Vincent-Salomon, Fabien Reyal, Charles-Antoine Dutertre, Florent Ginhoux, Lene Vimeux, Emmanuel Donnadieu, Bénédicte Buttard, Jérôme Galon, Santiago Zelenay, William Vermi, Pierre Guermonprez, Eliane Piaggio, Julie Helft