PSL Chemical Biology Symposia Third Edition: A Branch of Science in its Explosive Phase

Nom de la revue
Leeroy Baron, Justine Hadjerci, Leishemba Thoidingjam, Marina Plays, Romain Bucci, Nolwenn Morris, Sebastian Müller, Fabien Sindikubwabo, Stéphanie Solier, Tatiana Cañeque, Ludovic Colombeau, Cedric M. Blouin, Christophe Lamaze, Alain Puisieux, Yannick Bono, Christine Gaillet, Luca Laraia, Boris Vauzeilles, Frédéric Taran, Sébastien Papot, Philippe Karoyan, Romain Duval, Florence Mahuteau‐Betzer, Paola Arimondo, Kevin Cariou, Gilles Guichard, Laurent Micouin, Mélanie Ethève‐Quelquejeu, Daniela Verga, Antoine Versini, Gilles Gasser, Cong Tang, Philippe Belmont, Andreas Linkermann, Claudia Bonfio, Dennis Gillingham, Thomas Poulsen, Marco Di Antonio, Marie Lopez, Dominique Guianvarc'h, Christophe Thomas, Géraldine Masson, Arnaud Gautier, Ludger Johannes, Raphaël Rodriguez

AbstractThis symposium is the third PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres) Chemical Biology meeting (2016, 2019, 2023) held at Institut Curie. This initiative originally started at Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles (ICSN) in Gif‐sur‐Yvette (2013, 2014), under the directorship of Professor Max Malacria, with a strong focus on chemistry. It was then continued at the Institut Curie (2015) covering a larger scope, before becoming the official PSL Chemical Biology meeting. This latest edition was postponed twice for the reasons that we know. This has given us the opportunity to invite additional speakers of great standing. This year, Institut Curie hosted around 300 participants, including 220 on site and over 80 online. The pandemic has had, at least, the virtue of promoting online meetings, which we came to realize is not perfect but has its own merits. In particular, it enables those with restricted time and resources to take part in events and meetings, which can now accommodate unlimited participants. We apologize to all those who could not attend in person this time due to space limitation at Institut Curie.