TLR or NOD receptor signaling skews monocyte fate decision via distinct mechanisms driven by mTOR and miR-155

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Alice Coillard, Léa Guyonnet, Alba De Juan, Adeline Cros, Elodie Segura

Monocytes are key players in immune responses to pathogen entry. They exert a major part of their function through their differentiation into macrophages or dendritic cells, two populations with largely distinct roles in immune responses. Yet, we still have a very limited view of the factors orientating monocyte fate to become macrophages versus dendritic cells, in particular how pathogen recognition modulates this process. Here, we show that pathogen sensing skews monocyte fate decision, that is, the first steps of the differentiation process, with TLR signaling favoring macrophage development while NOD receptor signaling induces dendritic cell differentiation.