Laboratory of Translational Imaging in Oncology (LITO)

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Laboratory of Translational Imaging in Oncology (LITO)

Part of the team (New biomarkers for phenotypic imaging) is dedicated to the design and/or evaluation of innovative radiotracers for molecular imaging by Positron Emission Tomography (PET), targeting key processes in cancerology. The objective is twofold: to better understand the mechanisms underlying the development of cancer and response or resistance to treatment, and to optimise therapeutic management through the identification of phenotypes that facilitate personalised medicine.

The other part (Integrated Radiomics for Precision Medicine) exploits PET imaging biomarkers, but also CT and MRI, and combines them with other biomarkers (clinical, pathological, blood, genomic) to establish a specific disease profile with prognostic or predictive value. The models developed should also improve our understanding of the processes associated with cancer.

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