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TEMTIA 10th - International congress: cellular and molecular EMT


TEMTIA, an international congress gathering 200 to 250 scientists from all over the world, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. For the occasion, the event will take place for the first time in France, at the Institut Curie from November 7 to 10, 2022.


Historically, these conferences are dedicated to the molecular and cellular aspects of the epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), in the context of embryonic development and tumor progression. They are characterized by a very strong multidisciplinarity and by a collegiality illustrated in particular by the recent writing of a collective review article in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology (Yang et al 2020).

Over the years, the program of these symposia has been enriched to integrate the notion of cellular plasticity, with components of stem cells, resistance to treatment, regulation of genomic integrity and apoptosis depending on the context. They bring together all the important contributors in the field, while maintaining a policy of renewal of speakers.

Co-chaired by two French researchers, Prof. Alain PUISIEUX, Director of the Research Center of the Institut Curie and Pierre SAVAGNER, Inserm researcher at Gustave Roussy, the 10th edition of this international congress will take place at the Institut Curie Research Center, from November 7 to 10, 2022 around the theme: cellular and molecular epithelial-mesenchymal transition.


Renowned speakers: Bob Weinberg (USA), Jing Yang (USA), Thomas Brabletz (Germany), Ben Stanger (USA), Joseph Taube (USA) and so much more, including Raphaël Rodriguez and Danijela Matic Vignjevic



Auditorium Constant-Burg - 12 rue Lhomond, Paris 5e


November 7-10, 2022