Uveal melanoma: major involvement of physicians and researchers from Institut Curie

Physicians and researchers are working together to improve the management of uveal melanoma.

Along with the ophthalmologists, surgeons, radiologists, radiotherapists and medical oncologists taking care of these patients at Institut Curie, a number of research teams are also involved in this topic. These include biologists, bio-computer scientists, physicists and mathematicians. To better coordinate research on this disease, a uveal melanoma center has been set up (including Laurence Desjardins, Nathalie Cassoux, Sophie Piperno-Neumann, Raymond Barnhill, Olivier Lantz, Marc-Henri Stern and Simon Saule), coordinated by Sergio Roman-Roman, head of the translational research department.

At the research center

  • PAX and MITF signaling, eye development and melanoma team, headed by Simon Saule
  • Genomics and biology of hereditary breast cancer team, headed by Marc-Henri Stern with Manuel Rodriguez, a physician completing his science doctorate on this topic
  • Mechanisms of repression by polycomb proteins team, headed by Raphael Margueron
  • Epigenetic decisions and reproduction in mammals team, headed by Déborah Bourc'his
  • Mammalian developmental epigenetics team, headed by Prof Edith Heard
  • Innate like and CD4+ T cells in cancer team, headed by Olivier Lantz 


In the translational research department

  • Samar Alsafadi’s uveal melanoma group, an emerging team supported by the SiRIC
  • The genomics platform, headed by David Gentien
  • The pre-clinical investigation laboratory, headed by Didier Decaudin


In the hospital group

  • The ophthalmology department, headed by Dr Laurence Desjardins
  • The surgery department, headed by Prof Nathalie Cassoux, an eye cancer specialist, and the surgeon Pascale Mariani, a specialist in managing liver metastases following uveal melanoma
  • The medical imaging department, with Dr Vincent Servois
  • The oncological medicine department, with Dr Sophie Piperno-Neumann
  • The proton therapy center, headed by Dr Rémi Dendale


In addition to the support of Institut Curie, basic and translational research projects involving uveal melanoma have received the backing of the INCa (MeluGene and UMCure), and of the multi-body cancer institute Avesian (Epi UM).