Research Director CNRS
Recherche - Paris
Spécialités / domaines
Molecular biology,
Nuclear dynamics,
Development, cancer, genetics and epigenetics,
Microscopie optique,
Basic research

Director of UMR3664 "Nuclear Dynamics" and the "Compartmentation and Dynamics of Nuclear Functions" team.

After a PhD Thesis at the Institut Curie in Paris, led by Geneviève Almouzni and a post-doc at the Geneva University (2001-2004) and Friedrich Miescher Institute (2004-2006) in the laboratory of Susan Gasser, she started a junior team at the Institut Curie in 2007 with the initial support of an ANR Jeune-Chercheur and the Institut Curie. She next obtained an ERC starting grant (2008-2014), and several collaborative grants (ANR, ITN, etc.). Her team studies the determinants of the spatial organization of the genome within the cell nucleus and how this organization impacts the functioning of the genome, with a focus on the regulation of gene expression and the stability of the genome. To tackle these questions, they use S. cerevisiae as a model organism combining genetics, molecular biology, sequencing-based approaches, and advanced microscopy including live-cell microscopy and single molecules microscopy (PALM, spt-PALM).