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Translational research
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Dr. E. Piaggio is a clinical biologist and a doctor of immunology. Currently she is research director of INSERM and leads the team "Translational Immunotherapy" at INSERM unit 932 "Immunity and cancer", at the Institut Curie in Paris. Her career has been focused on immunotherapy based on regulatory T lymphocytes, applied to infectious diseases, autoimmunity, aloreactivity and more recently, cancer. Her team is interested in the study of the draining lymph nodes of human tumors and in the development of new immunotherapies translatable to patients. She iscurrently  working on the following four themes:
- A translational approach to optimize anti-tumor immune responses in rhabdoid cancers.
- The study of the biology and functionality of tumor regulatory T cells.
- Design and study of the functionality of IL-2 variants allowing the specific inhibition of tumor regulatory T cells
- Study of the immune response of T cells induced by tumor neoantigens in three types of cancers (breast, head and neck and melanoma)

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