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Biologie et chimie des radiations, signalisation cellulaire et cancer

I spent my entire university career at the Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI) and defended my doctoral thesis in molecular and cellular biophysics in June 1995. After spending 2 and 1/2 years as post-doc in France, mainly at the CEA in Fontenay-aux-Roses (France) to study the repair of oxidised bases by Ogg1 protein in the team of Dr Serge Boiteux, I moved in february 1998 to England as post-doc at the GDSC (Brighton, U.K.) in the team of Pr Penny Jeggo. I mainly focused on the repair of double strand breaks induced by ionizing radiation. Based on my experience in the field of DNA repair, i joined the CNRS as a research fellow on 2002 november 01 to study in the team of Dr Evelyne Sage (Institut Curie, UMR2027 then UMR3348, Orsay, France) the impact of oxidatif induced by UVA radiation on cell cycle progression in mammalian cells. In 2015, I joined the team "Repair, Radiation, Innovative anticancer Therapies" headed by Dr Marie Dutreix (Institut Curie, UMR3347, Orsay, France) to study AsiDNA a radio- and chemo-sensitizer conceived and developed in the laboratory. Just recently, I get interested in using as combined treatment AsiDNA and ionizing radiation delivered at ultra-high dose rate (FLASH irradiation) The biological models we use range from cultured cells (mainly tumour lines) to organotypic tissue sections to murine models.