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Integrated High-Throughput Screening and Large-Scale Isobolographic Analysis to Accelerate the Discovery of Radiosensitizers With Greater Selectivity for Cancer Cells
International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics
Pierre Verrelle, Pierre Gestraud, Florent Poyer, Adèle Soria, Sarah Tessier, Aurianne Lescure, Elodie Anthony, Maxime Corbé, Sophie Heinrich, Claire Beauvineau, Ludovic Chaput, Anton Granzhan, Sandrine Piguel, Franck Perez, Marie-Paule Teulade-Fichou, Frédérique Megnin-Chanet, Elaine Del Nery
Perspectives in linear accelerator for FLASH VHEE: Study of a compact C-band system
Physica Medica
L. Faillace, D. Alesini, G. Bisogni, F. Bosco, M. Carillo, P. Cirrone, G. Cuttone, D. De Arcangelis, A. De Gregorio, F. Di Martino, V. Favaudon, L. Ficcadenti, D. Francescone, G. Franciosini, A. Gallo, S. Heinrich, M. Migliorati, A. Mostacci, L. Palumbo, V. Patera, A. Patriarca, J. Pensavalle, F. Perondi, R. Remetti, A. Sarti, B. Spataro, G. Torrisi, A. Vannozzi, L. Giuliano
The European Joint Research Project UHDpulse – Metrology for advanced radiotherapy using particle beams with ultra-high pulse dose rates
Physica Medica
Andreas Schüller, Sophie Heinrich, Charles Fouillade, Anna Subiel, Ludovic De Marzi, Francesco Romano, Peter Peier, Maria Trachsel, Celeste Fleta, Rafael Kranzer, Marco Caresana, Samuel Salvador, Simon Busold, Andreas Schönfeld, Malcolm McEwen, Faustino Gomez, Jaroslav Solc, Claude Bailat, Vladimir Linhart, Jan Jakubek, Jörg Pawelke, Marco Borghesi, Ralf-Peter Kapsch, Adrian Knyziak, Alberto Boso, Veronika Olsovcova, Christian Kottler, Daniela Poppinga, Iva Ambrozova, Claus-Stefan Schmitzer, Severine Rossomme, Marie-Catherine Vozenin