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Functions within Institut Curie:

Sophie Leboucher is the manager of the Histology Platform.

The histology platform was opened in 2009 at the Orsay site of Institute Curie’s Research Center. Initially set up as an in-house facility to researchers at the Orsay site, it has since then evolved to receive users and collaborators from the Paris site as well as external users, private or academic groups.

Histology Platform has been created to provide technical support, personalized trainings and devoted equipment to run histological projects.

Most of quality control maintenance through furnishing and managing all histology consumables, materials and equipment, Sophie aims at furnishing to its user’s expertise and services:

1 - technical support from samples preparation and sectioning to staining and slides analysis. Samples are collected and she carry out the technical services according to the request (routine histology experiments, development and improving/updating of protocols)

2 - specific training to histology techniques, devoted equipment and protocols

3 - users guide and advices

4 - help to imaging and analyses

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