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Drs. Renata Basto and Raphaël Rodriguez, winners of the CNRS Silver Medal 2024!


Each year, the CNRS honors men and women who have made outstanding contributions to the dynamism of the institution and to the advancement of French research. For this 2024 edition, Dr. Renata Basto, head of the Biology of Centrosomes and Genetic Instability team, and Dr. Raphaël Rodriguez, head of the Chemical Biology team, are the proud winners of the CNRS Silver Medal.

Médailles d'argent CNRS 2024

The CNRS Silver Medals are awarded to researchers for the originality, quality and importance of their work, recognized both nationally and internationally.

This year, a silver medal was awarded to Dr. Renata Basto, head of the Biology of Centrosomes and Genetic Instability team (CNRS UMR144 / Sorbonne Université).

With her team, she studies the mechanisms regulating centrosome and chromosome numbers, as deregulation of these numbers can be involved in various pathologies such as cancer. The research of Renata Basto's team combines different types of advanced microscopy and image analysis with various in vivo and in vitro models to understand the causes and consequences of genetic instability, aiming to shed light on the principles of cell proliferation and division.

“I am delighted that the originality, hard work, and dedication of the members of my team - past and present – have been recognized by the CNRS through this prestigious distinction. I sincerely thank all the members of the Basto team. It is primarily their award!” rejoices Renata Basto.

Also winner of a silver medal, Dr. Raphaël Rodriguez, head of the Chemical Biology team (CNRS UMR3666 / Inserm U1143).

His team uses small molecules to study cell biology, combining chemical synthesis and molecular biology to understand pathological processes. They have notably identified mechanisms of metal internalization, influencing epigenetic regulation and cellular plasticity. Thus, his team is developing new experimental drugs that manipulate these mechanisms for therapeutic benefits, promoting a future medicine based on the universal principles of physical chemistry.

"I congratulate all my team members on their high-quality efforts, and thank my colleagues for their support. Everything remains to be done," declares Raphaël Rodriguez.

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