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Translational research
Functions within Institut Curie:

David Gentien has been in charge of the Genomics Platform since 2008 within the Translational Research Department.

Thanks to an open and dynamic team, the platform facilitates the implementation of genomic analyses according to the needs of researchers, biologists and clinicians from various backgrounds. To do this, the platform ensures that the most appropriate approaches are applied to the requests, and that the most exhaustive and controlled results are delivered in the shortest possible time. Depending on the project, we carry out the first steps of data analysis but our limits currently stop where the expertise of bioinformaticians begins, for example for exploratory analyses.

Operating as a service platform, the platform works daily in a collaborative mode with local and international teams from a wide range of fields including basic, translational, clinical, pharmaceutical and biotechs. If you have specific needs that require special attention, then contact us! We love to take on challenges and push the current limits of genomics!

Since it is highly translational, the genomics platform also participates in diagnostic assistance analyses for molecular medicine, and works in the field of predictive medicine in close collaboration with the Institut Curie hospital's genetics department.

Finally, in order to remain young even over the years, we strive to welcome trainees according to our current capacities and the need for innovation.

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