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I joined the team in February 2022 as an M2 student at ENS. I am interested in cancer biology since I started my studies, and particularly in regulatory pathways and associated transcriptional programs. Since September 2022, I am a PhD student co-supervised by Florence Cavalli and Emmanuel Barillot (SysBio Team). In the team, my project is dedicated to the study of the microenvironment of IDH-mutated gliomas. These brain tumors are often deadly following relapse and we are thus lookng for detetrminants likely to support tumor progression. To that end, I am working on spatial transcriptomics generated with Visium and I am performing data analysis using several bio-informatics methods (pre-processing, cell-type deconvolution, clustering, integration with single-cell data,...)

Loss of stress sensor GADD45A promotes stem cell activity and ferroptosis resistance in LGR4/HOXA9-dependent AML
Blood Journal
Nunki Hassan, Hangyu Yi, Bilal Malik, Lucie Charlotte Gaspard-Boulinc, Saumya E. E Samaraweera, Debora A. Casolari, Janith A Seneviratne, Anushree Balachandran, Tracy Chew, Alastair Duly, Daniel R. R Carter, Belamy Cheung, Murray Norris, Michelle Haber, Maria Kavallaris, Glenn M. Marshall, Xu Dong Zhang, Tao Liu, Jianlong Wang, Dan A. Liebermann, Richard J. J D'Andrea, Jenny Y. Wang