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Claire Wilhelm

Here we are using our knowledge of materials science to advance the field of nanomedicine, by adopting the materials angle from the outset. Our goals have been to provide the fullest possible picture of the modes of action and fates of nanoparticles in their biological target environments. In particular, we proposed combined and synergistic cancer solutions by applying multiple stimuli to the same nanomaterials, pioneered the use of magnetic nanoparticles as photothermal tools, and discovered a thermo-ferroptotic combined therapy. We have also devoted many efforts to explore whether and how nanoparticles properties can be affected once achieving their therapeutic mission, as they journey within their cellular targets or through the body, a central issue for all nanomedicine applications of nanoparticles. For instance, we demonstrated that a massive biodegradation of magnetic nanoparticles can happen, with degradation products being integrated by iron metabolism pathways, or serving for intracellular recrystallization of nanoparticles anew.

Magneto-Photo-Thermia with magnetic nanocubes and Intracellular Photothermia with gold nanostars


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