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Institut Curie is an international expert for several types of cancers, including eye cancers, pediatric tumors, breast cancers and sarcomas. Patients from all over the world are treated at Institut Curie.

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Doctors, researchers, healthcare professionals, patients, donors: we all work together so that tomorrow, there is a life after cancer for everyone.

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Institut Curie's internationally-renowned Research Centre studies also the aspects of cancer biology.

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Just like treatment and research, training and education are an integral part of Institut Curie’s founding social missions. Our aim is to prepare future leaders. This is essential if we are to contribute to the evolution of research and medicine and maintain our level of excellence

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Institut Curie
Institut Curie is the leading cancer research and treatment centre in France and has been a recognised public utility foundation since 1921. Since its creation by Marie Curie, Institut Curie has worked on three missions: