NanoBioMag Project 2

Magnetic Tissue Stretcher

CONTACT : Claire Wilhelm;

The rationale is to safely introduce magnetic nanoparticles in cells, mostly cardiac and skeletic muscle cells, thus allowing them to be remotely manipulated by external magnets.  In a self-integrating all-in-one process, we are thus currently developping magnetic tissues amenable to mechanical stimulation and in situ imaging at each step of  the maturation. By combining magnetic cell micropatterning and stretching. it provides a versatile tissue stimulator.


FUNDING: ERC-CoG-2014 MaTissE; ANR SuperMagStemCells

PARTICIPANTS: Noam Demri, PhD student; Giacomo Gropplero, engineer; Efrain Jose Perez, postdoctoral fellow; Simon Dumas, postdoctoral fellow; Stéphanie Descroix, CNRS DR1; Claire Wilhelm, CNRS DR1.