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Non-coding RNA, Epigenetics, and Genomes Fluidity

Our research interest is focused on regulatory noncoding (nc)RNAs. In high eukaryotes, regulatory ncRNAs have been shown to regulate gene expression, chromatin domains and genome stability. There are a growing number of evidence suggesting that they play a central role in cellular homeostasis during normal and pathological development. 

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- 1 September 2021


The NON-CODING GENOME course will explore the versatility of non-genic DNA elements and non-coding RNAs across a spectrum of cellular processes, in humans and model organisms, and their implication in physiology and disease. Internationally recognized experts will present their latest findings related to the identification and functional characterization of the noncoding genome and discuss novel concepts in genome regulation and evolution, with a strong emphasis on experimental and computational tools. Thematic sessions will include long and small non-coding RNAs, transposable elements, structural DNA repeats and non-coding regulatory elements. This course will offer to young students and research fellows the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and discuss their work with an international scientific community in a warm and stimulating environment at Institut Curie in Paris.

Master and PhD students can validate their participation at the level of 6 ECTs (70 hrs) (upon acceptance by a respective university).

This course benefits from the financial support of Institut Curie and Université Franco-Allemande (

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