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Genome Integrity, RNA and Cancer (UMR3348)

The research conducted at the « Genome Integrity, RNA and Cancer » Unit explores multiple aspects of genome dynamics that integrate RNA biology in the context of genome maintenance and expression in normal and pathological situations, including cancer.

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  • Albertas Navickas
    Albertas Navickas, using organoids to better understand metastatis
    Newly arrived at Institut Curie, Albertas Navickas, a new Junior Principal Investigator, is working on breast cancer and preparing to form an RNA, tumor microenvironment and metastasis team, reporting to the Genome integrity, RNA and Cancer unit (CNRS UMR3348/University Paris-Saclay), at Orsay.
  • Portrait Carsten Janke
    Une nouvelle approche pour décrypter la dynamique des microtubules
    L'Institut Curie vient de développer une nouvelle approche pour optimiser l’analyse de la dynamique du cytosquelette et celle des protéines interagissant avec les microtubules. Elle ouvre des perspectives de compréhension de mécanismes clefs en biologie et de phénomènes pathologiques survenant lors des mutations des protéines associées aux microtubules (MAP).
  • Aglaia Therapeutics
    Aglaia Therapeutics : une nouvelle start-up de l’Institut Curie et Gustave Roussy lève 4M€ pour combattre la résistance aux thérapies ciblées
    L’Institut Curie et Gustave Roussy, principaux centres européens de lutte contre le cancer, ont annoncé la création de leur spin-off Aglaia Therapeutics, co-fondée avec le fonds d’investissement Advent France Biotechnology. La start-up vient de lever 4M€ pour le développement de thérapies de nouvelle génération capables de contrer la résistance des cellules tumorales aux thérapies ciblées. Les fonds seront utilisés afin d’accélérer les études précliniques nécessaires à l’identification de son premier candidat médicament à développer en phase clinique.
  • équipe vagner
    RNA and cancer: the translation process influenced by multiple factors
    Over the past few months, it has been garnering attention in the news. The development of therapeutic mRNAs has benefited from more than 20 years of research on mRNA. For instance, Stéphan Vagner’s team at Institut Curie, in collaboration with Caroline Robert, a clinician at Gustave Roussy, has examined the mechanisms regulating the “translation” of mRNA into proteins in cancer for many years.
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  • Assistant Engineer / Research Engineer in a laboratory with animal experimentation (M/F)
    Institut Curie is a major player in research in France. It consists of a hospital and a research centre with more than 1,000 employees and a strong international presence.
    The objective of the Institut Curie Research Centre is to develop fundamental research and to use the knowledge produced to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of various diseases as part of the continuum between fundamental research and innovation for the benefit of patients.
  • PhD Thesis Project (M/F) Cell identity and lineage plasticity in the lung metastatic niche
    Institut Curie is a major player in the research and fight against cancer. It consists of a Hospital group and a Research Center of more than 1000 employees with a strong international representativeness.
    The objective of the Research Center is to develop basic research and to use the knowledge produced to improve the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics of cancers as part of the continuum between basic research and innovation serving the patient.

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