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At the research center of Institut Curie, four core facilities from the Curie CoreTech network (Custom Single Cell Omics, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS ICGEX), Cytometry and Bioinformatics platforms) have decided to join forces and create the Single Cell Initiative. This program aims to coordinate and share resources to optimize the services and developments of Single Cell technologies for the scientific community.

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Call for PoC projects
- 28 March 2022
The Single Cell initiative launches the single cell ChIP-seq service at Institut Curie

The Single Cell Initiative launches an internal call for projects to identify 3 Proof-of-Concept (PoC) projects to start the single cell ChIP-seq service at Institut Curie. Single cell chromatin immunoprecipitation (scChIP) allows genome-wide mapping of histone modifications in single cells. One can study how these marks define subpopulations of cells and impact on phenotype and gene transcription. Project coordinators can submit their project until May 2nd 2022 and will be notified of the result of the selection around May 16th. After these 3 PoC projects, the service will open to all Curie teams.

For more information, the text of the call and the template, check your e-mail or contact us!

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The smart-seq 3 protocol open for service
A new service for single cell full length RNA sequencing at Institut Curie

The Smart-seq 3 protocol allows full-length RNA sequencing in single cells and is particularly suited for samples containing very few cells. It allows for example allele resolution and the identification of splice isoforms and genetic variants. Three Proof-of-concept projects have been processed successfully on the Custom Single Cell Omics platform and demonstrate feasibility on human cell lines, mouse primary stem cells and mouse embryonic fibroblasts.

The smart-seq 3 protocol is now open for service at the Custom Single Cell Omics platform.

For the moment, plates of 96 cells are processed. An upgrade to 384 cells/plate is ongoing. Starting material: around 500 cells minimum.

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